I sat here this morning enjoying my freshly roasted pumpkin seeds, blueberry pancakes, hash browns and country ham while looking at the photos we took yesterday and realized...

What a great day! We started the day with breakfast at IHOP (That is International House of Pancakes, for my readers not in the know). Tyler wore his Superman costume from the moment he woke up. He was a big hit at the restaurant. He loved it when everyone called him Superman. What an ego this kid has! ;-) We had lots of leftovers (that's what we had this morning along with some fresh apple cider). We came back home to finally do the pumpkins. Tyler painted his and I carved mine. I had just put the seeds into the oven to roast when the doorbell rang. "Trick or Treat!!" I love seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes.

The big favorite this year appeared to be anything martial arts related. I had lots of little ninjas, tae kwon do practitioners and karate experts. There were lots of vampires too. Quite a few fairy princesses, a couple witches, many sports figures (but I was unimpressed with the kids wearing their soccer uniforms and whatnot), and a few cartoon characters. I saw one Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch), one Clifford the big red dog, many Star Wars figures, and a couple creatures from well know horror films. I saw a surprising lack of hobos and zombie cheerleaders. Those were always big favorites when I was a teen. All in all, a great turnout. I almost ran out of candy! I have only two items left.

Here is a little slideshow of our day:


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