It's almost that time of year again! I LOVE Halloween!!! I dress up every year, play spooky music, and decorate with glow in the dark decorations and cool jack-o-lanterns. I also give out glow bracelets or necklaces every year. Kids love them and they add an extra measure of safety by making the kids more visible to cars. (I am known in the neighborhood as "The Glow Lady".)

I've passed on my love of Halloween to Tyler. It took only one house giving him candy to teach him the fun of trick or treating. He was off and running (with Daddy hot on his heels). The first year, he was a frog. I took him around to just a few houses. Last year he was a skunk and he did every house in the neighborhood with his dad. This year...he has a mind of his own. No more cutsy animal costumes. He wants to be a superhero or a firefighter.

The problem is, his opinion on what he wants to be changes from moment to moment. I've narrowed the choices down to four. This week I will make him choose. Time is running out and I have to get this costume ordered! Personally, I am favoring Spiderman. What do you all think? He WOULD make an adorable Superman...and at least you could see his face with that one....


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