Since a few folks have been wondering about B and if we keep in touch, I thought I would give you a little update.
  • For the first year or so after Ty was born, we heard from her (or her mother) a couple times a week. Once folks find out you know how to trouble-shoot computers, everyone becomes your friend. ;-)
  • The social worker who conducted our home study told us that contact with the birth mother would probably dwindle over time as she moved on with her life and started to distance herself, emotionally. That has been the case with B. Now we hear from her every couple months or so. (Her mother actually calls us more than B does. Her mom likes to talk to John and complain about how "difficult" her daughter is. Plus she asks for help with her computer.)
  • I send B photos of Ty, on average, about once a month. She loves to share photos with her friends and Ty's birth father.
  • B has a stormy past with Ty's birth father. Initially he denied paternity and that just about destroyed their relationship. He changed his tune when he saw photos of Tyler. They made up and last I heard, B and he plan to move in together.
  • They are BOTH living with B's Mom in her one bedroom apartment. Now you know why they fight so much. I give B's mom a lot of credit for taking him in. His mother threw him out when she found out about Tyler.
  • Tyler's adoption has been finalized. He is our forever child and there is NO chance that will ever change.
  • I find the possibilities of B and her boyfriend staying together very interesting. Ty could have full-blood related siblings one day.

B has become a member of our extended family. She is like an aunt who lives too far away to come visit. We have no agreement in place for face-to-face visits. I think we will wait until Tyler is old enough to decide for himself if he wants to meet her. That's the plan, anyway. We shall see.


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