I am homeless. Not in the sense that I have no roof over my head (which I do, thank heavens); but in a different way. I am sure this feeling is a side-effect of being a military brat. We never stayed anywhere long enough for me to get really comfortable and homey feeling.

When people ask "Where are you from?" or "So where is home for you?", I never know what to say. My parents' house is not my home. I barely lived there a year before I left home for good. I was born in Kansas, but we left there before I was a year old, so that isn't home. My current house doesn't really feel like "home" even though we have been here for 11 years. I feel like this house is just temporary until we can get something better. I am itching to MOVE! I am antsy in the pantsy!!

Does anyone else find themselves house shopping every few days via the internet? I do. Now that John has a new job, maybe I can talk him into finding a bigger/better place to live. Think I'll see if the Coldwell-Banker site has any nice 4 bedroom contemporary homes for sale...


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