Ice cream dreams...

A friend asked "What is your favorite ice cream flavor?" My go to, as a child, was chocolate. We used to go to Friendly's after church on Sundays and have a cone as a treat. I always got chocolate. Then one fine day, as we stood in line, I saw the man in front of us was handed a cone topped with purple ice cream. Purple!!! What magic was this?! I asked the lady behind the counter. Black raspberry. My mom was worried I wouldn't like it. But it was amazing.

From then on I had the impossible choice. 😂

Then, one day a child in front of us in line at Bedford Farms was handed a cone that had a rainbow of chunks peaking out of a cloud of white ice cream. Bubble gum! My little brother and I lost our minds! That became his favorite for many years. I loved it too, but frozen gum has challenges.

Then, on a family road trip vacation, we went in search of our weekly ice cream fix. I don't remember what state we were in (there were many family trips) but they didn't have a single Friendly's! So we went to this place called Baskin Robbins. My brother and I whined. We were highly skilled at it. But this place had new wonders. Low slung ice cream cases with windows. You could SEE every flavor, clearly labeled. And whenever we would ooo and ahh over a particular flavor, the lady behind the freezers would hand my brother and I a tiny pink plastic spoonful to taste. Free samples?! That is the moment I fell in love with chocolate peanut butter chunk ice cream. 😋

Then, thanks to my mom, I discovered banana ice cream. Then mint chip. Rainbow sherbet! Wait, does sherbet count? Mom's strawberry ice cream pie. Then a family trip to Vermont and a tour of a factory owned by these 2 guys...Ben and Jerry?  Chunky Monkey, y'all. Chubby Hubby! Yo! Pick a favorite?! Can't do it.

No wonder I'm fat. 😂


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