Monday, February 08, 2010

I'm alive!

Since Max was hospitalized last summer, there really hasn't been much to write home about. The days began to run together in a bland parade of routine occasionally broken by a birthday or holiday. Those events were chronicled in pictures and posted in the usual places, but I didn't have the energy to write about anything.

Anything important or funny was reported on the spur as a blurb on FaceBook and I left it at that. But yesterday and today marked a major milestone for Max so I couldn't let the occasion slip by without note.

I've made 3 serious attempts to initiate potty training with Max and each time we discussed how the process worked, watched Elmo's video about all things potty related, played with Potty Time Elmo, and read all the potty bedtime stories in my arsenal - and all 3 times I was met with serious resistance. He just was NOT interested in trying anything but his trusty diaper. I decided this time around I was not going to press the issued at all. I would wait patiently until Max showed he was ready.

Two days ago Max rediscovered Elmo and his potty. He spent the afternoon helping Elmo drink from his sippy cup then race to the potty when he needed to "go". After a long day of potty play, I suggested one of the potty story books at bedtime. Max listened intently and asked a few questions about Henry and his potty.

Yesterday evening, Max followed his Dad into the bathroom (as he often does). Next thing I knew, John was shouting that Max had peed in the potty. Squeee! I was so excited I cried.

Today was Pee-Fest 2010. All day Max has been running to the bathroom. A lot. Once Tyler got home from school, big brother became the pee-fest master of ceremonies and followed Max to the bathroom to supervise and give advice. "Drink more water! Then you can pee MORE!" Yes, thanks Ty. It wasn't long before Tyler was shouting that Max had peed, standing up, into the big potty. Minutes later Ty was asking me where the potty seat for the big toilet was located. Max was ready to sit and try pooping.

I was nearly hyperventilating. Was it possible he was going to learn how to do it all in ONE DAY?!


He perched on his new throne and did his thing. I was summoned to the bathroom again with shouts of "He did it!" "Look at all that poop!" "Wow, it's huge!" "Wait! Don't run away naked! You need to WIPE! Max! Come back!"

I'm so proud.

So now Max is parading around the house proudly sporting his new race car pull ups and trying to remember to keep them dry. We'll see how the next few days go. It's all a matter of coming to terms with using the potty all the time. Not just when it's fun.