Sunday, October 18, 2009

Consumer Watchdog: Quilted Northern

Oh GP, you are so busted. I opened a brand new package of Quilted Northern this morning, feeling pretty pleased that they had custom pink packaging for breast cancer awareness and the promise of a donation to Susan G. Komen's foundation. Nice! But wait a sec... There was something different about the roll.

It took a moment for it to register. There were still a couple sheets clinging to the old roll I'd just removed, so I pulled one off to do a comparison. The new roll was significantly narrower in width than the old roll. I checked the package carefully to see if this new "enhancement" was noted anywhere. Nope. Still bragging that the roll was a "double" with twice the sheets of a "regular" roll of toilet paper. Hmm!

So what's the deal? Charge us the same and shave off pennies per roll so your donation to breast cancer research really amounts to nothing? Or is this new enhancement a long term deal like so many products before yours. Make it smaller, charge the consumer the same amount and hope we don't notice?

Gah I hate the underhanded way that practice is foisted upon the average American consumer. Smaller candy bars (same price), smaller portions in frozen dinners (same deal)...give us a little less but charge the same price so you can make the claim that the cost of your product hasn't increased in X number of years. Come ON. We aren't stupid.

And now the photographic evidence. Oh yeah. I took photos of toilet paper today. I'm so proud.