My kids might be insane

The last few days have been rough, but I like to try and keep things light for my own sanity.

Looking for the funny today, I had a realization. When I was a kid, my mother religiously made bag lunches for my brother and I. She did major grocery shopping about every 2 weeks, so she would stock up on things like Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes, or snack pack puddings. We always got a treat along with our healthy sandwich, piece of fruit, and bag of chips or Cheetos.

When Tyler started Pre-K he went to a program that included a full hot meal every day. I started making lunches when he went to Kindergarten, but I noticed he would bring most of it home, uneaten, every day. I finally just asked him if he would rather get lunch at school and he was VERY enthusiastic about that idea. So, my school lunch making days pretty much ended.

My kids were never fully exposed to the joys of Hostess or Little Debbie products.

Fast forward to today. I just found an unopened box of Little Debbie swiss cake rolls in a bag on the kitchen floor. Max had dug through the bag and took the mandarin oranges, but left the cakes. Then I discovered that my carefully hidden bag (in my office) full of healthy snacks (nuts and sunflower seeds) had been raided by the teenager. He swiped all my sunflower seeds. 4 bags full!

Oranges and seeds. Swiss cake rolls untouched. I'm not saying a word about how tasty those little cakes are. Not one word. I'm torn. Have I done something wrong with my parenting...or something right?? My mother had to HIDE the boxes of treats she bought for our lunches or my brother and I would devour them as after school snacks. Or for breakfast. 😏

Sure, encouraging healthy eating practices is important. But a box of goodies, untouched for a WEEK? That's just...unnatural.


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