My favorite gear!

Many years ago, when I rebooted my AOL Journal on Blogger, I had a nifty Amazon widget on the sidebar with all my favorite gear (in case one of my readers wanted to check out what camera, scanner, printer, etc. I used.)  The widget has been gone for a while now, but I was looking over my collection of junk on the various surfaces around my desk and bed and thought it was time for an update!

My first new gear item is my hands-free flash/reading light!

It recharges with a standard android type cell phone USB charger (I use my Kindle charger because it is handily plugged in behind my bed for easy access at night.) It is also highly flexible and I plan to wrap this sucker around my cane for better night time hallway navigation.

This next one is a bit of a luxury, but I am very fortunate that my hubby works in high-tech and acquires some amazing free swag in his business travels. Bluetooth wireless headphones! They work with my phone, my Kindle, my new PC...uh...I think that's all the things I have with Bluetooth currently. Other than my minivan. But I don't recommend wearing headphones in the car/van.

They are lightweight and the sound quality is amazing! If you can afford a wee bit of luxury, I highly recommend them.

I also love our GoPro HERO4 video camera. Another swag freebie from the husband. I know. I am VERY lucky! This has become a favorite of my YouTube fanatic youngest son. He's made some fun action videos with his friends on his YouTube channel.

We have the waterproof case, a head mount, a chest mount, and a swivel adapter for tripods. I think I have a wrist mount and handle for it too. The handle is a bright color and doubles as a flotation device in case you drop it in the water. Highly recommended.

Now, I do love my Bose headphones...but they aren't the best when you are trying to fall asleep. Cushy but not a great pillow. For my audio books (the perfect way to relax and put yourself to sleep) I love these headphones:

Soft, sweat-wicking, and super comfortable with decent audio. Plus much more affordable than the Bose. ;)

Last, but certainly not least, is my latest Kindle. I treated myself to an early Christmas present last Black Friday when these babies were 50% off. It is HUGE. I love the big screen. It's like having a personal sized TV in bed with me at night. Great for streaming my Amazon Prime shows and movies. Do I love Amazon? Oh, you betcha!

I got a nifty snap-on, flip-fold cover for it too. The magnetic close turns the device off when the cover is on and the device turns on when you open the cover. Yeah yeah, you iPad people know all about this coolness. Now I have it too! That about covers all my current favorites. I use this Kindle so much, I gave my old laptop to my youngest. It was just gathering dust. I'm considering getting a bluetooth keyboard for it. Also in the market for a hands-free stand that works in bed. The flip cover folds into a stand but it works best on a solid flat surface. My bed is not flat nor is it very solid. Mushy, at best. :)  Whew! Happy shopping, readers! I'm here if you need help finding anything.


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