Yesterday was another momentous day. I've struggled with severe pain and mobility issues for many years now, but for many reasons I have avoided a certain help aid for fear of judgement and ridicule. I didn't want to look like a stereotype, y'all! Showin' up on that People of Walmart website because someone felt the need to fat shame me...


Max wanted to make a trip to Walmart but I was having a bad pain day. He was so excited about a treasure find his pal Sean's dad got - a Rutgers logo football. I threw all reservations to the wind, limped to the car and vowed to try a store MOBILITY SCOOTER. *sigh* Yes.

I've actually been pricing scooters and power chairs for a while now as my mobility has decreased slowly and steadily. So so many health issues. But I still want to be able to live some kind of life and go places with the family! Back to the Walmart scooter. It was FUN. Max and I spent 40 minutes tooling around the store, browsing and shopping. I filled the basket with 5 bags full of groceries and he found the football he wanted. It was the easiest and most enjoyable store trip I ever remember. I drove that thing like a boss!

I'm really looking forward to getting my own scooter. It's one designed for outdoor use, so you may see me zipping around my neighborhood this spring. I see new photo safari adventures in my near future. (And if anyone sees a photo of me on one of those awful websites, leave a supportive comment and shame those horrible people who take these kinds of photos. It's cruel, unkind, and unnecessary. I'm a nice person who happens to be larger than average.)

I have a few friends who could use a confidence boost to utilize these in-store scooters. Don't feel silly, self conscious, or weird! They are there to help you shop more easily! And it's FUN. #NowScoot

As for my scooter shopping, I think I have narrowed my choices down to one. Now it's just a matter of finding the best price. There is a moderate sense of urgency because I did something really scary and exciting. I bought tickets to a concert in a big stadium for Max and I. His first rock concert! It's at the end of the summer break in Hershey, PA. I'm going to get us a nice hotel room and make a weekend mini-vacation out of it. That's a LOT of walking. Hence the need for a scooter or power chair. I looked into renting one, but that's a fairly rural area. Hershey Park has them for park visitors on a first-come, first-served basis but they aren't available for use outside the park. I figure I'll buy my own scooter and just rent an accessible van so I can transport it to PA myself. That's the plan! With any luck, I'll be getting this sweet ride for my birthday.


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