Stargate Universe

I've recently binge watched every season of Stargate:SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. Love them. So I thought I'd give Stargate Universe one more try.

Universe is one branch of the Stargate series' that I was never quite able to get into when it first aired. Back then, when John Scalzi let us know he was going to be a creative consultant on the series, I was excited! He rocks! Then I saw the first few episodes and, frankly, hated it. I wasn't sure just wasn't floating my boat.

Now that I have watched the first 3 episodes again, I have figured it out. Stargate to me has meant lighthearted fun and a shining example of the best of humanity fighting against impossible odds and nearly always winning. Sure there was tragedy and some low points where certain humans let their peers and team down, but someone else was always there to clean up the mess and make everything ok,

I think Universe was trying to be more like the Battlestar reboot - gritty realism and hard sci-fi. Loads of people like that, don't get me wrong (I loved Battlestar) but in the Stargate universe, watching people be...PEOPLE was very off-putting. If I want to watch people be dicks in a crisis, horde food, backstab and just fall apart, I'll turn on the evening news. I know how people usually are. That's real life. I guess I don't want too much real in my evening entertainment.

The story line has grabbed my attention this time. I'll keep watching and see if it grows on me. It'll be just my luck...I'll start to love it and bam, the series was cancelled. 


Emily Suess said…
Too funny! SG:U was the the first series I ever watched. Loved it. And now I can't get into the others. First loves maybe? :)

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