*gasp* She's a NERD?!

OK, this probably won't come as a very big surprise to most of you, but yes. I am coming out. I am a nerd. A total geek-girl. What am I nerding out over now? The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and the fact that I have a ticket to see the premier special event in IMAX 3D! *squee*  I am going alone, incidentally. I am the only one in the house that is a fan of Doctor Who. The rest of the sanctimonious miscreants I live with just look at me with various levels of puzzlement, mocking and outright scorn. :P

They don't know what they are missing.

But on to my real problem. The last time I got to seriously nerd out was the midnight release party of the 6th Harry Potter book. Yes, I did dress up a bit. I am itching to cosplay for Doctor Who too! I want to dress up as River Song (aka Melody Pond.) I have the perfect outfit in mind. Yes, River will look like she's packed on some pounds, but I could pull it off, I think. I just need a wig.

A little crazy. Buying a wig so I can look like a curly haired strawberry blonde for a night. But if it looks good, maybe I'll just adopt River's look permanently. I could have curly hair, if I wanted to. Yet, I continue to hesitate. I've found 2 wigs that look fab...with the price tag to match. The $170 one is certainly a no. I can't spend that much. The $86 one is giving me pause too. *nibbles cuticles*

I...just...can't...commit. It's too much. Isn't it?


I need a source for cheap wigs!!


Donna. W said…
Cliff would probably read this and say, "You need to get OUT the house!"

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