Tripping Down Memory Lane

It's funny how something small can trigger a huge rush of memories. We joined a swim club for the summer and I was sharing with the boys how I used to swim almost every day when I was a kid. But that wasn't the trigger. After swimming regularly for a few weeks now, I found my hair was slowly hardening into a chlorine infused helmet. After a quick online search, I found "Ultra Swim" shampoo and conditioner. Wow! They still make that stuff! My Mom used to buy it for me when I was a kid. (The modern version smells a lot nicer than it used to.)

That got me they still make "Sun In"? That was another staple in my summer beauty routine. Sun bleached summer hair in less than half the time. Yes! They still make it!

Then there was the big question. Do they still make "Love's Baby Soft Fresh Lemon Perfume"? I searched for it a few years ago and, while they'd brought back regular Love's Baby Soft, the lemon scent was no where to be found. Guess what! I found it tonight! I am so excited, I am giddy. I wore that stuff religiously as a pre-teen. It smelled so so good. I am going to order some. So what if I'm not 13 any more.

So now that I can smell and look like teenage me (kinda), what about my old summer hangout? The Hanscom AFB swimming pool? Does it still exist?

It does!!! Check out the pool's current incarnation. They are on FaceBook too! Lots of photos on the FaceBook page. Wow, that pool has changed. Back in the 70s it was an outdoor Olympic-size pool with a high dive, two low dive boards, and a kiddy pool. Now? They enclosed it so it is open year round. They have a water slide too! The old kiddy pool area? They covered it over, left it outside and converted it into a mini water park/splash n play area. Neat! I am really glad they kept the pool up with the times and made it even more accessible and useful. Good job, Hanscom.


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