Maybe If I Flap Hard Enough, I Can Take Off...

Pretty new sleeveless maxi sun dress in a size smaller?  Yay me! Fits perfectly. Black and white stripes. Bold and fashion forward. But what's this? Oh no...

I have

floppy upper arms.

Loose and hanging skin! Gah! I knew losing this much weight would have some side effects, but dude! I have grandma arms. Eww!

Sure I could tone up with some weights and my stretchy band, but do you know how much muscle I'd need to build to get rid of the wings? I'd look like The Terminator. You know, when he still had his skin intact. "I'll be baaack!"


I guess loose and floppy is better than jiggly and fatty. I need some cute summer-heat friendly and fashionable way to hide my upper arms. Hmm. Maybe a short sleeve tee under my dress? Or a cute white cardigan or shrug? Maybe.

They need to make Anchor Arms for women. (Anyone get that Sponge Bob reference? lol)


me said…
I have grandma arms, too. It sucks.

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