Post number 667...

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw my dashboard a second ago. My last post was 666. My brain flashed back to The Omen movies and I got a little wiggy. LOL

I just made this comment on FaceBook to my friend Heather - When I was shopping for costumes for the boys, I asked Tyler his opinion about a few choices. He saw a Harry Potter costume and told me "Sorry Mom, I don't want to be Harry for Halloween. Too bad it doesn't come in your size, huh." LOL He is SO right. I told him if they made a Hermione costume in my size, I would so get it.

See, we spent a good part of the last month of Summer on into September and now this month reading the Harry Potter series. We are up to book 4 currently. When you spend extra time in bed with health troubles, nothing makes ME feel better than reading with my boys.

Tyler likes Harry and his adventures at Hogwarts, but he hasn't taken to the books as strongly as I did when I first read them. Heck, I went to a midnight release party at Barnes and Noble. That was a once in a lifetime experience (J.K.R! Write some more Potter world books! Honestly!)

However, all the reading together DID have another desired effect. Tyler has fallen in love with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. When he isn't watching cartoons or playing video games, he is READING. Voluntarily! For FUN! I know, right?! Crazy good stuff. He just bought the Do-It-Yourself book at the school book fair and is filling it out, on his own. It's full of interview questions, like prompts or ideas for blog entries. I may have to mine from it!

Don't mind the Amazon links. Just experimenting with the new widgets here. I don't get enough traffic to ever make them really worth while, but they do look cool.

Next topic...

Today, as we were rushing to get to school on time, Ty paused at the back of the van. The van was covered in a thick layer of morning dew and Tyler saw an opportunity to make his mark. He wrote, "Tyler Was Here" in the mist. I could see it the right way around when I looked through the rear view mirror to back up out of the driveway. It made me laugh. Not an easy thing to do at 8 in the morning. Where did he even come up with that idea??? I'll have to ask him when he gets home from his haircut.

Max has his first school field trip next week. Pumpkin picking! He's been dying to do just that. I want to follow the bus with my camera in hand and capture every moment like I did for Tyler's first field trip (apple picking). But I know which farm they are headed to and it is NOT handicapped friendly. I'm tempted to just give Max my Flip camera so he can make movies of his adventure. Maybe I will... I can put my email address on it with the label maker just in case he drops or forgets it. I could get lucky. He is pretty responsible.

I missed the boys' apple picking adventure last weekend. Broken toe on top of everything else going on. But John was there to take some photos. Come to think of it...where is the camera he took? I want to see the photos! LOL Enough babble for now.


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