Oh Wendy's...shame on you!

I took a few moments today to send an email to Wendy's corporate about our local franchise.

I am disabled and my husband or I pick up food from this location several times a week. For the last month I have been enjoying the new salads. This location has been rather notorious for messing up our orders in the past (adding wrong things to the burgers, forgetting parts of our order) so we have gotten into the habit of carefully checking the bags before we leave for our 10+ minute drive home. We, and perhaps they, are still getting used to checking for all the items supposed to be included with the new salads.

I can understand occasionally forgetting to give us the little bag of nuts, the salad dressing, the croutons, etc. Sadly, it is not OCCASIONALLY with this restaurant location. They consistently leave out something. Yesterday they didn't add the bleu cheese crumbles to my salad. That is a main ingredient IN the salad bowl and not something we would routinely check for. We were all too tired to drive back to the restaurant, yet again, to get the problem corrected. If there were another Wendy's located closer to us, we would stop going to this particular location all together.

I have a very strong loyalty to the Wendy's brand. I adored Dave Thomas, am adopted, as are my two children. Dave was a great man. I love Wendy's and usually cringe when my boys ask me if we can go to Burger King instead. But I can't blame them. They are tired of the mistakes and all the times we have to turn around and go back to have them fixed.

Honestly, I am starting to think the "mistakes" with the salads are deliberate. The salads are expensive and I imagine the condiments/ingredients that go into them are also. A franchise could save a great deal of money if they consistently "forgot" to give nuts, dressing, and other things to the patrons. I don't like being scammed. I'm sure Wendy's corporate doesn't want their loyal customers to be scammed either. So I wanted to make someone aware of what has been happening at this location so that the workers can be better trained OR the manager reprimanded for shady business practices.

By the way, I do LOVE the new salads. Keep up the good work, Wendy's.

So, yeah. My local Wendy's has royally pissed me off lately. I honestly think all these "mistakes" are a scam. I think the employees have been instructed to leave items out of the orders. It must earn the franchise owner a bundle from the cost savings. I mean, it's not like it's the same brainless employee every time. They can't ALL be that clueless.

At the same time, I really do love the new salads. I've lost 10 lbs in a month. I gave up regular soda, french fries, burgers...I eat a lot of salad. 

It must be rubbing off on the kids. The other night I made a healthy lasagna and low fat Caesar salad. Both boys actually ATE SALAD. They were upset when I ran out and they couldn't have more. I started checking for hidden cameras. Seriously. Tyler doesn't eat veggies. I can occasionally get him to eat some celery stix. But that is IT. He eats a fair amount of fresh fruit, so I don't sweat it much. Plus he gets his veggies in chewable gummy bear vitamin form too. He gets fish oil (Omega-3s and DHA) and calcium that way too. Thank the powers for tasty chewy supplements.

Shh! Don't tell him his nightly "treat" is good for him! He thinks he is getting away with something because we make him brush his teeth as soon as he is done chewing. Yep. I am aware of the bad rap gummy vitamins get and the rumor they cause tooth decay. So we are careful. But I know there is NO WAY that kid would eat fish. Ever. And trying to get him to drink milk is an exercise in futility. Plus I love how the boys fight to be the first ones to get their portion of vitamins each night. It amuses me. "Mom, can I have my gummies now?" "Noooo! I want to be first!" "Too bad! I asked first!" "Youngest goes first!" "No way!" "You got to be first last night!" "No I didn't!"

Heh heh heh. Wow. I really took a hard right turn on this entry, didn't I. But I digress...Local Wendy's? You suck! Wendy's restaurants, as a whole? Love you! Now... bring back the fresh fruit bowl! Those were awesome!


Emily Suess said…
The might shape up even more quickly if you send the manager a link to this post. :)

And, I'm 30 and I take gummy vitamins too. Yum!
YOu lost 10 lbs on the Wendy diet? Hehehe... you may be the new "Jared from Subway" - watch out! We'll be seeing you on the commercials soon! LOL.

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