I find myself using parenting phrases based on false or dubious scientific evidence quite frequently. You know those phrases...
  • Don't swallow the seeds, it might sprout in your belly!
  • Stop making that face, it could freeze that way!
  • Don't sit so close to the TV, you'll go blind (or cross-eyed)!
  • Don't stand in front of the microwave, you'll cook your brain!

Yes, I've joined the parenting conspiracy of misinformation used to make our children conform to a certain standard of behavior or to keep them safe. But I find myself using a new phrase, of late. Sadly, this one can't be laughed off as the paranoid myths passed on from our own youth.

  • Don't put that in your mouth, it might be Made in China!

I know. It's sad, isn't it? But with Max testing positive for lead a few months ago, I am unwilling to take any chances. I do realize not EVERY toy is made in China; but really, MOST of them are these days! And yes, not everything made in China contains lead. But I have no way of knowing what is safe and what isn't short of throwing out every toy here and starting from scratch. It's easier to just keep reminding the boys not to put them into their mouths. (And it's working because Max's blood test yesterday showed no trace of lead.)

Am I the only parent to add this new phrase to her lexicon? I wonder if it will be as enduring as "You'll shoot your eye out!" I hope not.


Donna. W said…
You forgot "Be sure to wear clean underwear in case you're in a wreck and they have to take you to the hospital."

Only I think the "made in China" thing might be more likely to be on target.
Chris said…
I bought some bullets and noticed that they were made in China. I wonder if they have lead in them;)
Bridgett said…
Nothing wrong with keeping your kids safe. I suspect if all kids in America were tested for lead and other heavy metals, we'd be shocked to discover just how many of them have toxic levels.

I know Parker would.

It's sickening.

I say good for you!


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