Max + Tyler + Bathroom Door = ER Visit

Don't you just hate Mom Math?
The good news is Max's finger wasn't broken and they were able to use that cool dermal glue to reattach the tip. Bad news, he will probably lose his fingernail and keeping a bandage on a curious 2 year old is a total exercise in futility.
Mom + Injured Baby + ER Visit = 10 years off my life and more gray hair.
Anyone got any valium they can send me? Thanks.


Bridgett said…
Awww...poor little guy. I'm sorry to hear this.

But ripping off tips of fingers gives me the willies, nurse or not. LOL

freeepeace said…
Pooooor everybody!! Accidents happen but I know that doesn't help ease any stress. I'm so sorry.

Glad to hear Max's finger isn't broken and was able to be mended.

I feel so sad for Tyler. I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt his baby brother. :(

I don't have any valium but I could send you a shot of Petron. Lemme know.

Family hugs all around! xo
Dawn said…
Glad he didn't break anything, but the stress is worse. Hang in there Mom.
BosieLadie said…
Oh no! Glad Max didn't break a finger. Scary! Bet both the boys were scared. Hope you're doing okay.
Anonymous said…
Oh poor guy. Hope he's feeling better soon.
Anonymous said…
I miss you greatly and you never call me back! I am sorry about Max.. both of mine have the freakin' flu. I love you guys and miss you bunches.--kimmy
alphawoman said…
Poor baby. I don't remember loosing a finger nail until several years ago and it was awful!
I'm so sorry for YOU. And for Max.

I hope the healing is going well.

And thanks for your kind and smart comment on my blog. You are a wise woman.

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