It's a new year...

Talk amongst yourselves for a moment while I try to figure out where the old year went...

Nope, it's not under the sofa cushions. Eww! I think that used to be a peach slice! Hmm. Tyler's been looking for his DS. What a surprise, it's in the black No sign of 2008 tho.

*Looks about speculatively*

Maybe in one of the 35 toy boxes scattered around here... Huh. Why on EARTH are the boys saving THAT in there.

OK. Now I've lost interest. On to 2009 I guess.


Bridgett said…'re such a hoot.

Happy (kinda???) 2009!

Barbara said…
LOL, Hope 2009 is good for you.
freeepeace said…
Haha that's great. You're right, it's a new year. Whew!
2009, the year of the couch monster. I say bring it on.
Happy New Year!
Happy 2009 to you and yours, Becky!
alphawoman said…
Happy New Year!!

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