Calgon, take me...oh that's just wrong!

The latest stomach virus has had it's way with almost every member of the family except John. Somehow he has remained untouched in this vomit and poopie fest.

First Max was struck down with no warning. I'd just put all his and my winter gear on for a trip out to breakfast when he sat down on the top step and said, "Mommy, tummy hurts..." I picked him up to comfort him. BIG MISTAKE. He threw up all over both of us. I've never seen so much puke come out of such a little kid. I don't deal well with barf, so it was a challenge to get coats, gloves, shoes and clothes off and into the washer before I lost my own cookies. Yay Mommy. I had to get everything clean and dry so we'd have something to wear to go pick Tyler up at school at the end of the day. John picks the worst times to have to go work out of state.

After a couple days of Max being in misery, it was my turn. Sadly the worst of the virus struck the morning we were supposed to leave for upstate to attend my Uncle's funeral. To top the day off, Tyler woke up puking too. It was his turn to be struck down. Thank goodness this was a long weekend.

Meanwhile, Max had been virus free for several days, but he was still periodically pointing to his belly and saying, "Hurts, Mommy! Hurts!" Since my own belly was killing me, I sympathized. I was a little worried that something else was going on, but was too sick to think it through in depth.

Today Max complained to his Daddy that his "butt hurts." He told me his tummy hurt again. Considering how many days of poop-fest the poor kid had suffered through, it wasn't all that surprising. He hadn't had the runs for a couple days, but who knew. Maybe his poor bottom was still irritated. So John made him a nice warm bath.

Turns out that was just what the poor kid get his constipation moving. Fast. Oh yeah. So that's why his belly and butt were hurting. Right now I am actually happy that I'm still feeling under the weather because that meant that John cleaned out the tub.


Also, there goes our "no accidents in the bathtub" record. Soooo close. *sigh* And I've lost a whole week to illness. *double sigh* How was your week?


Astaryth said…
Oh, you poor things! That is always the worst part when one of you gets a bug it is bound to make the rounds thru everyone. Feel better!
Anonymous said…
How was my week? So much better than that! Hope you are all 100% very soon. And you deserve a freakin' medal. Just sayin'.
Barbara said…
Hope everyone is better soon.
Unhinged said…
Wow! Well, this ordeal certainly puts my sleepy (boring) little weekend in the right perspective.

Hope you guys feel better soon.
freeepeace said…
Awwwwe, poor little guy with his aches and pains. Heartbreaking. My heart aches for you and Tyler too. Not fun. Not comfortable. So sorry. Rest up and let John take over!
Sara said…
Runs away from your blog before the icky bug gets me, yelling "feel better soon" over my shoulder!

Bridgett said…
Kick back and let dear hubby do all the work. :)

I truly am sorry to hear how horribly you're all feeling. Stomach viruses are truly the worst.

On the bright side, I always think to myself when I'm shitting incessantly, "Bridgett, at least you're losing weight." LOL

Feel better, my friend.

Thinking of all you guys.

BosieLadie said…
OMGosh! I hope you and the boys are feeling better soon. There's nothing worse than having to clean up puke. Add to that, not feeling so good yourself. Get better! We've been pretty fortunate this fall/winter...knock on flu bugs here. Hope you're better soon.
alphawoman said…
The grandkids got so sick with this virus that Annabelle alomost was taken to the hospital...I feel for you all.
alphawoman said…
The grandkids got so sick with this virus that Annabelle alomost was taken to the hospital...I feel for you all.
Dawn said…
I'm happy to report that my week was better than yours. Hope you all are feeling better now.

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