Lounging By The Pool

The current renovation work has rendered us temporarily broke...so what's a gal to do when she has workmen making obscene levels of noise under her feet, the baby can't nap indoors, and Curious George on crack...er, I mean Tyler is bouncing off the walls and itching to go downstairs to see what progress has been made on his play room. Every 5 minutes or so. Ahhhh!

Thank heavens for impulse shopping! I received a choice bit of spam from one of my favorite online bargain shopping sites a few weeks ago and couldn't resist ordering these two aqua blue zero-gravity lounge chairs for our deck. They arrived just in time!

I pitched our old resin chairs and table over the side of our deck railing (the table shattered quite spectacularly when it hit the ground...11 years of outdoor exposure had made it brittle). They were in baaaaad shape and needed to go. Then John set up Tyler's pool and one new chair and I set up the other.

Voila! A relaxing day by the pool. I can't remember the last time I actually sat out on our deck. It was really nice! And Max passed out and slept like a rock on my chest. It was quieter outside than inside, even with the highway noise in the distance and all the kid in a pool having fun noises that Tyler was making.

I am linking the photo below to my Shutterfly album for more photos from our day. In the background of the photo of Max and I, you can see in the distance the backyard I WISH we had...with a real pool. LOL! Maybe someday...


Astaryth said…
Oh.. oh... I keep seeing those chairs and they look really comfortable.. Are they as cool as they look??
Donna. W said…
As always, great pictures!
Anonymous said…
Great way to spend the day. Great pics.
Chris said…
I LOVE those chairs. I have one and I even slept on it one night during an overnight bbq session. Best chairs ever:)

Have a great weekend!
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Jo Beaufoix said…
Sounds like the a perfect day.

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