My Muse... a dirty "stay-up"! That's what we, in this household, call someone who stays up far beyond their appropriate bed time. We've all been guilty of it, but I've been waiting patiently for inspiration to hit so I can write something here in my little blog. My muse has visited me a few times in the last few weeks, but it's been in the middle of the night after I've awoke from disturbing dreams. Not at a time where I can easily flip on my computer and start writing.


I did purchase a voice recorder a while back, but every time I went to use it, the batteries were dead. I still need to see if there is an A/C adapter for it or something.

On to my current rant. I want to slap all the execs at Disney and ToonTown online! I admit I didn't read their terms of service all THAT closely when we signed up. But an innocent suggestion email from a 5 year old boy (dictated to Mommy) couldn't cause any flap, right? Wrong! Tyler wanted to send in his wish list for a future upgrade of ToonTown and I was happy to help. In return, they sent us a form letter threatening to suspend our account!

Apparently Tyler's thoughts are considered "unsolicited suggestions, intellectual property, blah blah a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo..." and they strictly forbid it. I've never heard of a company not wanting to hear the wants and wishes of their CUSTOMERS WHO PAY THEM before. It sounds so stupid to me! I guess they are afraid if they USE one of Tyler's ideas, that we will sue them and demand he get compensation.

Idiots. Nice values you are teaching my little man. Share your ideas and thoughts freely and get smacked on the wrist and told to keep your ideas to yourself or we'll take your favorite game away. Nice.

In other news: Baby Max is doing great! He's getting very verbal. If you put him on his tummy on the floor, he will roll himself where he wants to go. His hips are fine, his heart is fine. And he is showing great interest in solid foods. So far he's tried tapioca (thanks DaDa), chocolate pudding (DaDa again), rice cereal, apple sauce, ice cream, and had his binky dipped in various other things just to give him a taste. I finally had John pick up a variety of Gerber first foods. I think we'll start some real eating next week.

Finally, for those who have expressed curiosity about my birthday present, here's a little video demonstration:

Click on my YouTube SN to see my home page and other videos (I've got some cute ones of Max.)


What a crock of shit. Poor little guy. Idiot companies.
Donna. W said…
Thanks for the videos of Max.
I am hoping you can help me, oh techno goddess.

I right clicked on a graphic in my email (the one about shooting wolves) and stuck it in my all about me column.It covered the edit button. It also moved everything over a bit.

When I asked the AOL journals person for help, I got no help except telling me to try to delete pictures from my flicker page, although my pictures aren't on flicker? And a rather pointed lecture on stealing bandwidth, although I did not know that I was stealing bandwidth if it was in my email. Sigh. I have apparently been sinning unawares again, in addition to all the terrible sins I do commit consciously. I do not want to ask them for help again, but I really need to get rid of the wolf killing Idaho governor so I can use my edit button...

can you help me?

love Kas
Picara said…
That sucks about toontown.
Glad baby Max is doing well.
And I want the claw machine, that's so awesome.


Thank you! The tab thingie worked!
Anonymous said…
1 minute and 39 seconds and still no peppermint patty? i don't think i could be around that machine on a PMS day! that would drive me nuts! LOL netti

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