Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I've got 30 minutes left to my birthday to keep celebrating. Even if Aunt Flo crashed the party, it was still a pretty good day. KFC for dinner, a nice ice cream cake and a pinata (yep, Tyler insisted.) I've never had a pinata before. It was fun, even if it was just Tyler and I diving for candy while John held it up high. And my birthday gift? A claw machine. My husband is such a ham! Yes, I love nabbing prizes from claw machines. Never thought I would have one of my very own. ;-)


Anonymous said…
Happy Happy Birthday Becky!!

The California Crew
Heather, Sarah, Frank and the cats.
Laura said…
happy birthday kid!
you'll always be younger than me and i will always be wiser....just let me bask in that for a bit please.
happy birthday!!!!! hope the boys spoil you as you deserve to be.
Sara said…
Happy Birthday to yooouuu :o)
Wants a go on the claw machine!!
He he.
Sara x
Happy Birthday, a little late. A pinata and a claw machine? What could possibly be better? I am glad you had a good day! Growing older is always wonderful, because you can have more expensive and interesting toys as you grow! Margo
Anonymous said…
Hey. Becky,
Happy Birthday. We're a couple days from spring and guess what? New England is getting snowed on. Anyway, enjoy the KFC and Aunt Flo? I call mine,"Vito" because it's a viscious biological loan shark who keeps beating my butt every 28 days. Anyway, happy birthday again. ((( ))))-Dawn-
Donna. W said…
Happy, happy birthday! My daughter's was the 13th.
A claw machine??? ROFL

Your family and mine are kindred spirits.

Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
Happy (belated) Birthday Becky!!!!
Ally said…
happy belated birthday!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy HAPPY Birthday! A claw machine!?!?! That's so fun!

Donna said…
Happy Belated Birthday! Yours is one day before my hubbies. So what exactly is in that claw machine? Diamonds?:)
BosieLadie said…
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Anonymous said…
Happy Belated Birthday Becki! Enjoy the claw, LOL netti

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