Overheard in the Car

What a five year old remembers from a conversation about Jesus' death and Pontius Pilate.

Tyler: Hey Daddy? You know Jesus didn't die on his own...

Daddy: Oh no?

Tyler: No. Someone killed him.

Daddy: Who killed him??

Tyler: A pirate! Mommy told me.

Um...yeah. I think we need to read that Bible story over a couple more times. Although I rather like the pirate twist. Who knew??

This has been a plague house for the last week or so. From Tyler to Max...and now Max has had his first major illness; a nasty upper-respiratory virus. It's so scary when someone this small gets so ill. It's been a long time since I rocked a miserable baby in a bathroom full of hot shower generated steam. He's doing much better today, finally. Just in time for another home visit from our friendly neighborhood social worker.

I'll be glad when Max's adoption is finalized. I like the social workers we deal with a lot, but it's weird to be "under surveillance" so to speak.


Anonymous said…
I'm rather intriqued by the pirate twist. Is Tyler thinking about becoming a creative fictional writer when he's older? :-) I hope and pray Max is better soon, poor little guy.

Hope Max is better by now.

Frank and I both laughed so hard at Pontius Pirate. That gives such depth to the story.

Hope you're all well.
jennifer said…
I knew that guy was a pirate. A pompous one. My favorite 5-year-old grandmonster misquote was the time he screamed to me that the "guy on the TV just said there are presents in the bushes!"

They make life fun.
Cynthia said…
Pontius Pirate -- I love it! Hope y'all are doing better.
Vivian said…
Ty is just so precious! And I see from the Christmas picturs that Max is growing! Looks like you guys had a good holiday.
Believe it or not, I once bought an Easter card with a kid on the cover telling the priest that he especially like the part about Pontious the Pirate. I like Ty's version better than that card.

And not I'm caught up (again)!
BosieLadie said…
Oh, I remember the days! Little ones being sick is no fun. I hope Max and Tyler are both feeling better now. How long will the adoption take to finalize? I guess I thought (assumed) it was a done deal already. Hoping all goes well with the process. I'm sure it will. Pirates!? lol
Chris said…
Too cute. Ever hear the story about the little girl who told her Sunday school teacher about "John the Bastard"?

Have a great weekend!
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Oh, it is HORRIBLE when a wee one is so sick...they snuffle and it sounds like they are going to stop breathing.
freeepeace said…
Hah. Too cute!

Congratulations on the newest addition to your beautiful family. Max is a blessed little one for sure. And Tyler looks like a completely different person - being a big brother and all.

Great Isis Halloween costume. Ahh memory lane. :)

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