A Day at the Fair

Spent some time at the NJ State Fair (aka Sussex Farm and Horse Show) today.

This is my first experiment with Slide.com. Not too shabby, but the widget for making the show is a MAJOR resource hog on the PC. Plus I ran out of upload bandwidth on Flickr for this month (Slide.com has a nice easy interface with Flickr and Photobucket). I think I'll try it with Photobucket next time. Meanwhile, I'll put all the photos on my Shutterfly album too.

We plan to go back to the fairgrounds again this week. Today was all about the rides. We hope to catch some of the shows and demos too. It was HOT out there. Whew!


Robbie said…
That's pretty cool that you can get it to show right in your blog entry. It's probably better for something ongoing in your sidebar though because it doesn't allow you to adjust the speed or do you know how many pictures are in the slideshow.

I haven't been to a fair in years. It looks like y'all had fun.
Anonymous said…
Looks like Ty had so much fun. I like the slideshow. I might just try and make one for my PC.
Anonymous said…
I've used slide.com very cool site and love your photos! looks like a great day. netti
Seriously cool slide show!

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