In my quest for the perfect Christmas Card photo, Tyler and I paid a visit to Lake Musconetcong to feed the ducks, geese, swans and sea gulls. I wasn't intending to take pictures for today's Round Robin Photo Challenge, but happy accidents sometimes occur.

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A little background info about the lake... During the mid-1800s, the Morris Canal and Banking Company created Lake Musconetcong as an additional water source for the Morris Canal. Completed in 1837, the Morris Canal was an engineering landmark that relied on canals, locks and inclined planes to lift and carry canal boats from Phillipsburg on the Delaware River to Jersey City, the Hudson River and New York Harbor. The boats transported coal, iron ore, manufactured goods and agricultural produce. However, as the more efficient Morris and Essex Railroad was established, the canal was abandoned.

Rocky remains of the dismantled Morris Canal.

This lake, which is located four miles west of Lake Hopatcong, was deeded over to the State of New Jersey with the other parts of the Morris Canal System in 1924. Today boating, fishing and ice fishing are popular recreational activities on the lake.

In this relatively barren area of the shoreline, peaking out from the tumble of man-made boulders, I spotted a splash of color. It seemed so odd to find this bunch of wild flowers growing out of a crevasse at this time of year. The imperfect beauty of the hand-hewn granite coupled with the perfect simplicity of the little purple blossoms struck me. That's Wabi-Sabi for sure!

I got a bunch of great photos yesterday, but that perfect Christmas Card photo still eludes me.

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(Oh, and my apologies to the State Fishing and Gaming Authority! We didn't see the sign that feeding the water fowl is prohibited until we were leaving the boat landing. The sign is facing a little wonky and wasn't visible on the way in. We saw it on the way OUT. Oh well.)


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