Your Monday Photo Shoot: Your Collection

Have something you collect? Then this is the Photo Shoot for you:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Let us see your collection of whatever it is you collect. Thimbles, NASCAR collectibles, Star Trek figurines -- what it is, let's see those tchotchkes!

I have a few collections...I have a nice book collection, a collection of key-rings from every place I've ever visited, a collection of interesting cobwebs on my ceiling and other hard to reach places, a collection of funky martini glasses (I don't drink), a large comic book collection...but I thought my collection of food related memorabilia tins was interesting enough to show off here. I have a vaulted ceiling in my kitchen with a lot of open space above my cabinets. These tins make a nifty addition to my cabinet tops. They add loads of color to my otherwise plain white with green trim kitchen.

Click my tins to see them larger and in greater detail...


Sie said…
Very cute. I'd love to see the setting that they're in.
Yay! A new entry!

Hey, I have a few tins here and there, including a Ritz Crackers one. My stepmother Ruth has an actual collection, but I think they're mostly non foodie designs.

Anonymous said…
I also collect keychains from every place we go. I only get the ones that have a oval floating in the middle. I dont know if that makes any sense!! I have missed you. Love, lisa jo
Anonymous said…
Like these and your presentation.
Good job!
Stacy-Lynn said…
Hey, nice collection. As far as music goes....go to codesandlyrics.com I believe and it will tel you how to do it and then you have to go into your template and paste the code into the bottom piece of the template code and then preview your page until the box is where you want it. Once it is where you want it click on save changes to template. IM me in MSN messenger if you have any problems.

I started a new photo blog too..check it out at http://djzgirl2.blogspot.com/

Unhinged said…
Whoa now, some of those tins really bring back the memories! Ah, the gritty bubble gum taste of Bazooka ... the animal cracker head snapper-offerage ... and the Fig Newtons Mom used to buy when her brain was on the blink ....

Hah! If I don't screw up the word verification thing, I get to type fzogma! Zogma. F. Zogma. Fred Zogma.
Unhinged said…
P.S. I've been collecting Chicago related stuff. Magazines. Videos. Pamphlets. (For that book I'm going to write when I turn 80.)

Ew. vrtna!
Tilly said…
Bazooka - I used to love that stuff!

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