Weekend Assignment #62: Hairstyles from Hell

Hair drama seemed SO much worse when I was younger. These days I don't really care what is done to my long as it lays flat after I let it air dry. I don't mess with "product" at all. Not even a hair dryer.

High School was another story...I loved my Farrah hair. It took HOURS to get my hair to go the way I wanted it to. Blow dry, a round hair brush, curling iron, was quite a production. Once I graduated, I had an entire summer to learn that my hair was a huge pain in the butt as I tried to rush to get ready for work in the morning (I wrote about how I got my cool job right out of high school in another entry).

Since I was going to be starting college in the Fall and I was learning that Farrah hair was not conducive to being on time for work (or early morning classes), I decided it was time for a change. I flipped through all of my teen fashion magazines and found the PERFECT hairstyle. It was a little shorter and much more current (for 1984, that is). It was hip, layered and funky! Plus it looked a lot easier to up-keep.

I took my photo to my Mother's salon (I still didn't have a stylist of my own, but you think I'd have learned after the prom disaster of 1983) and showed the photo to her stylist. "Can you make my hair look like this?"  She said no problem, and started to cut. And cut.  And CUT. 

I watched my hair falling to the floor in alarmingly long sections. " DO realize the hair in this photo is shoulder length, right?"

"No's shorter in the back."

I looked at the photo more closely. It sure didn't LOOK shorter in the back to me. When she spun me around to face the mirror I nearly cried.

Pretty bad, eh? (Don't mistake the shadow of my head for hair...the hair ends at my ears.) That is how I looked when I started college. I looked like a BOY. I've never had my hair that short again.  I did ask for highlights once and the girl mistakenly FROSTED my hair to an unnatural shade of white blond tinged with green. That was pretty awful too...but not as bad as this scalp job.


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