Classic Tyler - Ty at 3 months old from his "Tyler's First Year" calendar

I've been feeling a little sad that we basically missed Valentine's Day this year (we were at a funeral). Even husband never even got me a card. He ALWAYS gets me a card. But I forgive him (the funeral was for his grandmother).

In a move that was totally uncharacteristic of my normal self (queen of the procrastinators), I actually went Valentine's shopping weeks in advance. I even mailed Valentine's from Tyler before we left on vacation. Scary.

So Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone! Heh.

Today, I was taken on a journey into the "fat" memories and thoughts banging around in my brain. Sistercdr wrote a thought provoking entry on being fat in a thin-minded world and accepting our bodies...not letting negative body image control your life.

I say AMEN SISTER! I, too, let people tear me down too easily. FATism is a far too accepted form of discrimination in this country.

Who frowns upon or corrects the person who makes fun of people of size? Why is it OK to laugh at or be disgusted by people who are a plus size? People come in all shapes and sizes.

It would be a pretty dull world if everyone were a size 2.

Chocolate Update: I've tried the Fudge bar, Flake, Wine Gums, Dairy Milk w/ Caramel, Creme Egg, and Cadbury Buttons. So far, Dairy Milk is in first place as my favorite. Sara? Will I still like you when I step on my scale? LOL! Kidding! Just more of me to love. ;-)


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