Things I used to be able to do (and wish I still could):

1. Play the violin.

2. Ride a skateboard.

3. Do the splits.

4. Do a backbend (more the yoga style...push myself up from the floor until my back and body arch like a rainbow)

5. Fit into a size 10.

6. Ride all the rides at Six Flags without throwing up, feeling too dizzy or having "fit" issues.

7. Ride a bike.

8. Dance ballet in toe shoes.

9. Twirl a baton.

10. Ride a horse.

11. Play tennis.

12. See my feet when I look down from a standing position.

13. Do a high kick like David Lee Roth in the video for Jump.

14. Hula hoop.

15. Ice skate.

I knew if I made a list, I would find it enlightening. I was an active and talented kid. I wonder why I never FELT like I was back when I could do all these things.


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