I've been fighting a nasty cold with hacking cough for almost two weeks now. It's left me with little energy for writing. I seem to think of things I want to write about when I wake in the middle of the night coughing up a lung. But by the time I would drag my near-lifeless body from the bed and come out to the computer (in an effort NOT to wake the sleeping boys with my congestion filled hacking), I would forget what I wanted to type. I've sat in front of this computer a half-dozen times and gone blank.

I've also had this cute video I wanted to share ever since our trip to the farm to go pumpkin picking. This is an experiment to see if I can embed the video right here in this entry. If nothing shows up, you'll know the experiment was a miserable failure. Let me tell you, it looks pretty darn cool here in FrontPage right now. :-) The video is a 4 MB file, so it may be slow to load for some of you (if it works).

Oh well...worth a shot. Right-Click HERE for video and select save target as... from the menu. That way you can just download it and watch it on your own PC, if you like. :-)

7:38pm - P.S. Not sure why video doesn't play all the way through. If you want to see the whole thing, let me know. I can easily email it to you. :-)

11/8 10pm - P.P.S. I think I fixed it! I had to upload to yet another screen name. The whole file is up there now. Right-click the link above and save or ask to open it in a new window. Yay! LOL


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