Had a warm and fuzzy Mommy moment tonight reading the new story books we picked up today. Tyler snuggled in close and laid his head on my chest as we read bedtime stories. I love moments like this. John ran for the camera but his efforts show a little too much, er, crotch - so I won't be sharing until I can crop and edit a bit. ;-)

Today was our weekly Mommy and Baby day out; morning at Gymboree, lunch at McDonalds, shopping at Barnes & Noble and the Carter's Outlet. Tyler picked out a Spider-man picture book and a Disney "movie projector" gizmo that shines still images from various Disney/Pixar productions on the wall (and has an accompanying story book). I picked out a 35th anniversary edition of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree, a couple of P.D. Eastman books (The Best Nest and Fish Out of Water), and a few Curious George stories.

I was pleased at how good Tyler was behaving in the book store. He was hanging out with a couple of boys in the children's section. They were each pulling books from the shelves and sharing them with each other. Tyler actually sat on a bench and flipped though a book one of the little boys selected for him. It was adorable! Of course, the isle was a bit of a shambles from all the book sharing. The kids didn't quite have the hang of putting the books BACK when they were done. Oh well. I spent a small fortune in there today, so I am not feeling too guilty.

We have been reading to Tyler every day since practically the day he drew his first breath. I have a deep love of reading and have hoped all along to pass that love on to my son. It seems to be working! He gets so excited when he sees the book store. Just as excited as when he sees his favorite fast food that's pretty good!

It's so nice, at this stage, because he actually sits and pays attention to the stories now. He brings us books and asks us to read to him. He even has specific favorites he likes us to read to him over and over. One of his current favs is "Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born" by Jamie Lee Curtis (yes...THAT Jamie Lee Curtis). It has a sweet adoption theme.

It's REALLY difficult to find children's stories with an appropriate adoption theme. There are MANY that talk about international adoption. Stories about China are very plentiful. I just wish I could find a few more stories that are more generically adoption related. I have two on order from Amazon - "A is for Adopted" and "The Day We Met You". We shall see if they hit a chord with Tyler.

Any artists out there want to partner with me to illustrate my children's book about adoption? Heck, if I can't find what I want - I might as well write my own, right?

As for my own reading...I haven't picked up a book in over a month. For me, that's scary. I have a stack on my night table, but I can't even tell you the title of the book I was last reading. I know it's a science fiction classic that has a time travel theme...rats. If I wasn't afraid of waking Tyler up, I'd be going in there right now to look at the title. *sigh* Hopefully I can get back into my habit of reading for a while before bed each night. I'll have to give up my reading in bed routine for a while, I think. I can't flip on the light with Tyler sleeping in there with us all the time now. *big sigh* I guess I can sit out here and read at my desk or sit on the sofa. It's just not as relaxing.


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