This new kind of journal writing is going to take some getting used to. I have always kept a notebook and pen next to my bed to record my thoughts, dreams, daily sit at the computer and do it still seems a little odd. I do post on a message board and in the beginning it felt like I was making an entry in my journal. Like I wasn't talking TOO anyone in particular. But then I got to know the ladies on the board and it was more like having a delayed conversation. Or writting a letter to a friend.

Writing a letter to a friend...I remember a writing class in college that told us to look at a journal assignment in this way. I guess to make the idea of writing in a journal each day less intimidating to the class. I could look at this journal in that way, I suppose. I know some of my friends may read this. If I am lucky, maybe some strangers will be interested too. If I am REALLY lucky, maybe a few of those strangers will become new friends. But knowing the way my mind's more likely people will think I am weird. ;-)

Funny...most children's music doesn't seem to lend itself to concentrating on writing. Or doing most tasks that require brainpower, I am afraid. I'll have to come back to this later when my son is otherwise occupied.


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