Birthday Reflections

At the last minute, we found out John needed to go to Atlantic City for 2 days on a work thing.  With John suddenly needing to go out of town, things were hectic but routine here on my birthday. Birthday celebrations will really begin sometime this weekend. I hope. 

Am I wiser, now that I'm a year older? 

Well... a couple years ago John gave me an Echo Dot for Christmas to use in the bedroom. Recently, I started using it instead of my 30 year old digital alarm clock. The pleasant musical blooping of Alexa at the crack of dawn is much nicer than the strident beeping of my old clock. 

Today, I groggily said, "Alexa...snooze!" It worked! Twice! Max (who crawled into bed with me last night) was grinning at me. He was amused. It's a little less satisfying than smacking the bar on top of my old clock to make it shut up for 8 minutes, but I do prefer the blooping. You can teach an old dog new tricks.


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