Proud Mama

Wow, what a week! The husband is away, so I'm playing single mom. 

The teen ate something I cooked. Twice. He didn't like it, but he ate it anyway. LOL Then, today, he asked me to teach him how to do LAUNDRY! You could have knocked me over with a feather. He gathered his dirty things, put them in the washer himself, poured the soap, and followed my directions on which buttons and knobs to twist. After an hour, he checked to see if it was time to load them in the dryer. That has a few more settings and he got a bit frustrated, but still, he did 90% of the work himself and even checked the LINT TRAP! Who is this kid?? And where is my Tyler? 

He's also been getting the mail for me all week and bringing in all boxes and packages. And we are talking Christmas shopping package volume. Oh, and home schooling. That's a long story.

Then, today, Max witnessed a boy classmate shove then tackle a girl classmate to the ground at recess. He saw red, y'all. He knows I don't condone violence, but when you see someone bully someone else that badly...I understand why he defended her. He's not a football player, but apparently he took that kid down HARD. Another friend jumped into the fray too. Then, after band practice, he told me the whole story (worried that I'd gotten a call from the Principal) and wanted to stop by his friend's house to check on her. He was super worried. She's ok and Max is very relieved. There has not been a single dull moment around here. I have a feeling I will be sleeping ALL weekend.


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