A little bit Weeaboo

Max walked into the family room carrying a huge box and proceeds to open it. I say, "Hey, now. Is that addressed to you? Who said you could open it?" I have to assert my box-opening privilege all year long or Christmas would be ruined. 😅 He says, "It's my Japanese snack box, Mom!" Whoa whoa whoa. I don't remember our monthly Skosh Box being THAT big.

Then I remember. Max has fallen in love with a super popular Japanese soda called Ramune. They have 2 flavors in our local supermarket - original and strawberry. If you know anything about Ramune, you know how sad that is. Only 2 flavors. Pathetic. So I jumped on my big screen portal to the rest of the world (aka my computer) and show him the rich and exciting world of Japanese sparkling beverages in funky bottles that are hard to open.

What do we find? One company makes a line of Naruto themed flavors. (Naruto is a Japanese cartoon - aka anime - in case you are unfamiliar.) Max LOVES that show and had to have one bottle in each flavor.

So I placed an order. Asian Food & Grocery Store out of CA. Nice selection of various popular Asian food items. I found my favorite fruit gummies and threw those in the cart too. It was like opening a Christmas gift! They threw in a packet of fizzy cola tablets, a bag of sour cherry chews and 2 full sized boxes of Pocky (matcha and chocolate banana)! FREE! *squee*

Max has tried the lychee flavor (featuring Kakashi) and raspberry (featuring Itachi). Yum! I got a taste too. We both love them. Only 70 calories in a whole bottle! Japan knows how to do soda without killing you with high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients. <3 span="">


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