Free Range Parenting

I don't know if that title is totally accurate, but it feels right. For the last year or so Max has been stretching his wings and wanting to push the boundaries of his independence. I feel like I've written on this subject before... Meh. Whatever. It's what I'm thinking about today. 😂 Lately, Max will text with friends, make plans, let me know where he's going, and fly out the door (with cell phone and water) to ride off into the sunrise on his scooter. A bunch of the neighborhood boys got scooters. It's turned out to be a fab way for the soon to be 5th graders to get around town.

Max and his crew are like an adorable biker gang - roaming the streets, stopping in at various kids' houses for ice pops and frosty beverages. They are all good kids, so I haven't been worried about mischief. I'm just really happy that these boys all have awesome parents who take them in, feed and water them, let them hang out and even give them rides home when they are too tired to scoot. Us, included. We have bags of snacks, ice pops, bottles of water and have contributed rides here and there.

But there is still that core of helicopter mom worry I am battling. They are all good boys hanging around in homes with great parent friends...until you start thinking about the evils of this world. There have been incidents not that far from our quiet little town of strangers in vans trying to lure teens and kids. Our boys have all been thoroughly talked to about approaching people they don't know and circling the wagons (calling 911 or parents when they don't feel safe.) But you just never know what could happen.

And yes, I know I can't lock my social boy up here just to keep him safe. Fence in our yard, add security cameras, attack dogs...turn our homestead into a fort with motion sensing lights and loud sirens. Yes, I know I'm going down a ridiculously overly-secure fantasy road filled with over the top safety precautions. *snort*


I cheerful call "Bye! Love you! Bring your phone! And some water! Make good choices!!!" every time he heads out the door. I get "Love you too! and of course I will! I always do!" and he does. For 2 hours I am fine. I happily picture him scooting around town with his friends, having the time of his life. 2 hours. Then I have to call and see if he's ok. 😅


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