A friend on FaceBook posted the following image today and it was like a mental time machine:
Avon lipstick samples

Oh my gosh! It's the 70s and my mom's friend, our neighborhood Avon lady is coming to visit! DING DONG, Avon calling! *happy dance*

I loved Avon day. Mom and her friend would sit chatting and I'd hover nearby waiting to be noticed. Once that happened, I knew I'd be showered with samples. Saaammmmples... Lipsticks, perfumes, lotions, night creams and stuff I didn't even know what it was for. It didn't matter. It was time to play dress up!

I'd use the lipsticks on my lips, cheeks, eyes, where ever looked "grown up" and put on my prettiest dress up clothes.

Of course the samples memory led to memories of all the cool stuff my Mom would get us from Avon for special occasions. Christmas, of course, meant neat stuff in our stockings. Soaps, wash-mits (they were like puppets for the tub), bubbles, lip balm...oh gosh. So much lip balm. I was addicted to the stuff!

Top secret lip balm that looked like other stuff!

You have a burger in your purse? Nope!

This was a gift from our Avon lady. Lip balm in his belly!

Oh the fruit scented and flavored stuff! Loved it!

Halloween! The ghost was a finger puppet too!

Blue Bird of Happiness perfume. I still have this bottle!

We were dirty little piggies. That piggy bathtub was a nail brush and worked really well.

It's A Small World perfumes. I had the girl in the red dress.

Of course there was lip balm too. Always lip balm...

We used our wash mits until they were shreds. Don't even get me started on the jewelry! Somewhere I think I still have a necklace with a chunky letter R on a chain. Wearing your initials or name on a chain was high fashion back then. Heh.


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