I'm one of those nutty people who goes all out for Halloween. I decorate the house, dress up, give toys, treats AND glow stuff to all the kids...yeah. This is my favorite holiday, by far. Sadly, this year I was sick for 3 weeks leading up to today. House? Not decorated. Toys? Never got around to purchasing goody bags or do-dads. I have some glow stuff left over from last year and hubby ran out yesterday and bought the dregs of the Halloween candy from 2 stores.

I'm feeling a lot better today, but still not 100%. I spent 2 hours cleaning up weeks of accumulated crap out of the living room so that I could GET to the front door to answer it tonight without killing myself on stacks of mail, shoes, leaves, twigs, sand, papers, books, boxes, on and on and on. I've been looking everywhere for the vacuum and just didn't SEE it tucked back in the corner of my bedroom. (I swear, I looked there 4 times!)

I have a costume on, of sorts. I look like a giant pumpkin. Hey, it's a start. I've eaten something, caught my breath, now I'll attack the rest of my to-do list. I may not get everything done before the bell starts ringing, but I'll give it a try.

Meanwhile - Tyler is going OUT for Halloween this year. I repeat! TYLER IS GOING OUT! He hasn't left the house on Halloween in YEARS. He came to me almost 2 weeks ago at the height of my illness to tell me what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween. I thought the fever was getting to me. But no, he was serious. He showed me a picture a few days later of a video game character named Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.  I analyzed the picture from a veteran cosplayer's perspective and broke it down into pieces. Grey flight suit. Tactical vest. Long black elbow and knee pads. Thigh holster and assorted canvas/velcro straps. Black all weather boots. Black headband with long ties. Face mask (optional). Easy!

I began looking on Amazon for all the component parts and got excited as the costume took shape. Flight suit? Too expensive. Grey long-johns? That works. I went through dozens of types of knee and elbow pads looking for just the right look and price. Found the PERFECT boots ($50 ugh), thigh holster, straps, amazing vest...then I looked in the cart. Almost $200 in gear. *gasp*

I broke the news to Tyler. If he had his heart set on it, I was ready to break the bank. He was the voice of reason. "It's ok Mom. That's too expensive. What else can I go as?"  Ugh. It broke my heart. He was so jazzed! He doesn't get jazzed very often. I suggested we go to a costume shop and have a look around, but he didn't like that idea. I suggested he just wear his usual hoodie and I could get him a scary mask. Nope. Just a balaclava and be a terrorist? Better idea, but nope. Finally his dad suggested a pillowcase with eye holes. He could be a ghost. I think Dad was kidding, but Tyler liked the idea.

So keep your eyes open for a spooky teen ghost out on the streets tonight. Oh, and the Green Lantern. Max is a superhero once again. LOL It's been a different one every year.


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