Minivan Conversations

Being an introvert in a house full of fellow introverts (except poor Max, who is extroverted to the...well...max) it is pretty rare that more than 2 of us are together for longer than a minute or two, without distractions, to just talk.

Today it was Tyler and I sitting in the van after school, waiting for Max to exit the building (Ty gets out earlier than Max) and we got into an animated conversation about, what else, video games. But then things started to get super interesting. Tyler quoted Einstein and started applying the Theory of Relativity to the Super Mario universe and certain games therein and talked about how time slows down the closer you approach the speed of light, and how one of the characters in one of the games was aging at a slower rate because she was traveling so fast and only appearing in Mario's world once ever 100 years without aging that much...and so on.

Then he went off on a tangent about how he strongly feels time travel is possible which sparked an animated discussion about faster than light travel and the difficulties that would present to human flesh when it comes to acceleration and g-forces. Then another tangent about the many worlds theory and quantum mechanics featuring a trans-dimensional travelling Mario and Luigi. Then a tangent about the evilness of Megaman and his breaking Asimov's First Rule of Robotics.

Really, our conversation left me a little dizzy and Max (who had joined us at some point) completely lost and only able to offer his opinion that Sonic the Hedgehog is probably not as fast as The Flash, but he did gamely try and throw in his 2 cents now and again. (He is only 7 and needs a bunch more sci-fi book, movie and tv exposure to catch up. LOL)

I love my boys and moments like this are solid gold in my book. I love how Tyler's mind works. I hope we keep finding new ways to engage and challenge him and that he continues to share his brilliance with me in these rare and quiet moments of deep conversation.


Donna. W said…
I'm confused just reading about it. It's very impressive, though.

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