Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Yep! It was a good day. Mostly. Pre-teen hormones coupled with autism = highly unstable and volatile. Don't touch because he might explode! Heh heh. Just back away slowly. It's a land mine in there just waiting to go off.

On another note, as I sat here fiddling with the 129 photos I took today, I itched my chin and was chagrined to discover a long, bristle-like hair. I have 3 hairs on my chiny-chin-chin that I pluck out with tweezers. As I looked far too closely at my face in my magnifying mirror, I also noted a lot of white hairs in my otherwise brown eyebrows. I plucked those out too. Then I saw how much silver there was on my head.

It's a losing battle. I know this. I started getting silver hairs when I was in high school. I can't recall if I ever told this story, but round about junior year, I spotted my first white hair in my rear view mirror in my car as I sat waiting for a friend. I plucked it out and examined it, figuring it was a fluke. It was a really long hair, so I decided to keep it for posterity. High school stress was making my hair turn white, hardy-har-har. I tied it to my rear view mirror to remind myself to chill out.

My friend Kathleen hopped in the car for the ride home, spotted the hair on my mirror almost immediately, snatched it and let it fly out the car window before I could utter my first syllable of objection. A true *facepalm* moment. Once I explained what it was, she felt really badly for tossing it out. Ah well. I had a feeling that hair was just the first of many. And oh boy was I right.


Marcia said…
Love that Easter bunny! BTW, about your previous post, Dodge ball was banned around here (WV) as too dangerous and aggressive.
Hang in there!

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