Status Updates

I have something important on my Facebook status right now, so I feel like I can't make any new updates. Here are things that have crossed my mind over the last couple of hours:

  • I could have kissed my cardiologist yesterday. He hasn't seen me in 6 months and told me I look YEARS YOUNGER. *squee* Go me!
  • Max says, "Mom, remember when I told you that Peter doesn't believe in Santa? That's just really sad. Even Sean believes in Santa! I mean, who else put those Angry Birds plushies in my stocking? Seriously..." I adore my baby. He makes me grin daily.
  • I up'd my street cred with Tyler yesterday. He came to me asking if he could get a new cover piece for his iPad. The barely 1 month old plastic shock-proof cover with build-in screen shield was all dirty and scratched up. I asked if he tried cleaning it. Yup. "Plus there is all this crap trapped BETWEEN the layers! How do I get that crud out of there?!" He handed over the cover and I scrutinized it for a couple seconds then peeled off the easily removable protective film still adhered to the screen, wiped the cover down with my LCD cleaner and handed it back. Good as new. He blinked a couple times, jaw slack, and said "You can take that OFF?!" Yup. 
  • "The frosting on this donut is the best part." Better than the donut itself?? "Yes. Next time, can you just get me the frosting part?" just want a tub of frosting. No donut? "Yes." OK Max.
  • I've been taking a Biotin supplement in the hopes it would help my hair and nails. After a month my hair doesn't seem much better, but my fingernails are super strong! They don't bend and split into layers anymore. The new problem? They break. *snap* Now I know how those women on TV feel when they yell "Aww! I broke a nail!" But they aren't just snapping off at the tip. No. They crack on the sides half-way down. Ouch. So I am stopping the Biotin. I'd rather my nails be weak and bendy than crack painfully in a place where I have to wait until they grow out before I can clip them. Unless someone has an idea of how to repair a cracked fingernail? 
  • Is it wrong that I told my kids that my precious low-carb ice cream bars are actually sugar free chocolate covered frozen meat on a stick? It's the only way to get them left alone. Honest.
  • I find myself wondering how I can explain to my kids how much they mean to me and how much better my life is with them in it. I don't think they comprehend the depth of my love for them.


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