I've been married for 21 years as of today. I find myself thinking, "Wow. I've been married longer than I lived at home with my parents." Heck, I've been with my husband for nearly 30 years, if I do the math. That is a long long time, if I stop and think about it. He met me when I was a teenager. A TEEN. Me. When was that, again? I can't remember back that far.

Some people find it hard to imagine spending so many years with the same person. Me? I find it hard to imagine spending time with anyone else. I think of the guys I dated and try to imagine what life would have been like if I'd married one of them. When I stop laughing and can catch my breath...yeah. I should write a sitcom! Or a John Hughes-esque movie treatment. Yeah. I'll get Kristen Stewart to play teen me. She has my snarky, dead-eyed, deadpan delivery down already.

But back to thinking romantical thoughts about my loving husband. How did I get so lucky? If you are a believer in karma, then I hit the karmic mother-load with John. He is sweet, loving, generous, kinda patient, usually understanding, and a fantastic Dad. The total package. Yes, I am very blessed. Sorry if I am making you feel a little jealous. I know a lot of my friends didn't make out so well in the husband department. *hugs* to you guys, but you can't have mine.

I see you eyeing my man! Back off, honey. I like you, but I will cut you. ;)

Seriously. He's mine.



Happy Anniversary baby. I hope you are as happy today as I am. Now if we could just convince the boys to go out to eat somewhere WE like, rather than somewhere THEY will take a miracle.


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