Trekkie/Trekker Me

Yes, I am a Star Trek fan. I've seen every episode of every series and all the movies too. Sometimes many many times. I recently started watching the original series, again. Hulu is hosting a free-view week in honor of, I think, Bill Shatner's birthday. *squee* Some of the episodes from Season 1 I hadn't seen since I was a child watching them as re-runs. For some reason, when the original series was re-aired in more recent years, many episodes were left out (even on Netflix.) Probably they were deemed too dated, sexist or even racist in undertones.

But what I noticed, more than anything else, were inconsistencies in what I've come to understand as "facts" in the cannon of Star Trek lore. Early episodes of Season 1, Mr. Spock referred to himself as "Vulcanian". I had to rewind and play it again! Vulcanian??! What the heck is that? Mr. Spock is Vulcan. VULCAN. I just laughed it off as a goof. But then it happened again a couple episodes later. By Season 2, he was calling himself Vulcan. Another time I heard Mr. Spock mention, in passing, one of his "ancestors" was human. Uh, what? His MOTHER is human. But that wasn't revealed until late in Season 1.

Then there were the various names given for the military or governmental ruling body back on good old Earth. It was like the mythos of "Starfleet" wasn't fleshed out by writers until very late in Season 1. It was jarring! I found myself thinking "you're sending a report back to...who?!"  And don't get me started on the uniforms. My gosh! They must have changed the uniform design 5 times in 6 episodes! I rather liked the golden beige velour turtlenecks. They looked...cozy. Hee hee!

Plus all the staff changes before Sulu moved into the helmsman's seat. Wow! The cast changed more than the uniforms did in Season 1!

They had their act together for Season 2, in my opinion. Plus Walter Koenig joined the cast. It just wasn't right with only Sulu at the controls. I needed to see Chekov too! Goodness knows I love George Takei. He was a very early crush of mine. (Sulu running around, shirtless, and brandishing a sword in The Naked Time...yum!)

Ok. Enough prattling on about Star Trek. Back to watching! The Trouble with Tribbles is up next! Yay!


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