Renting Paradise

I came across some photos yesterday of a vacation we took a number of years ago when Tyler was a toddler. We rented a beautiful vacation home on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I could tell a lot of love went into that house. It was stunningly beautiful and was obviously designed with a family in mind. That sent my mind down memory lane and other gorgeous places we'd rented on vacations in the past.

What goes through the mind of the people who own these homes and condos? With only one exception, I've fallen in love with each vacation rental in which we've had the privilege to spend our precious vacation times. I've often wondered about the people who own these places. What are they like? You can guess some things about their personality from the way they decorate, the books on the shelves, the style and feel of their vacation home, but I've often wondered what motivates a person to take their little slice of heaven and share it with total strangers.

Sure, there is the monetary issue. Renting a place out helps the owner pay the mortgage. But there has to be more to it. If I went to all the time and expense to build a little home away from home, I'd find it VERY difficult to rent that sacred space out to total strangers. If you own a little slice of paradise somewhere and you rent it out, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you wonder about the people who stay in your vacation home?

I've often wished the owners of some of these places would contact me. I've signed a few guest books in my time, but I've never heard from a single one. I hope they get to enjoy these places as much as the people who rent them do.


Donna H. said…
Okay, I can answer this one for you. We don't rent out our lake house but my good friend rents out her home in the Outer Banks...Cape Hatteras to be exact. Usually the people who own there have jobs and lives somewhere else but vacation there often. When you pay to rent often enough you begin to wonder if a morgage shared by others might make more sense. Plus they love it so much that they like to know they have a place to go to whenever they want (as long as they give the realators the heads up far enough in advance). Owning the home can be costly with salt water, wind, and possible hurricane damage upkeep. The road to Hatteras has been washed out several times already with hurricane damage. Many things close down in the winter time so living there year round isn't an option for everyone in this little slice of paradise. Medical facilities and specialists aren't the same as you'd find in larger cities...most very sick patients or residents there travel here (to where I live) for more serious illnesses. My friend's husband LOVES to fish. They both grew up in FL but as a former Navy family(now retired like us)live here in Chesapeake. She loves the ocean/beach...which we have within 40 minutes of us here but it's much too "touristy". Her home here is decorated much like her home there however my other friend bought her beach house in Duck, NC fully furnished. She doesn't rent hers out. We live 1 1/2 hours from Duck and about 3 from Hatteras. It's their home away from home but not without additional expense. Sharing it with others helps maintain the expense of said dream while being looked over (most of the time) by a local realator. Some renters are repeat renters year after year. It almost always is a matter of financial sense...owning an additional morgage in a place people love to vacation becomes income property. A place for you to stay (with landlord headaches from time to time) but without a large year round monthly mortgage.
Unknown said…
Renting a place for vacation is advantageous because you can spend more time with your family in the comfort of your privacy while not spending too much. I am currently having my place rented for people on vacation and I'm glad to say that they're enjoying the place as much as I have been. I think of it as sharing a great gift, and I earn money on the side as well.

Von Madison @Gold Team

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