Technology Rant

So my cable company, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to "upgrade" their service. What are they doing? They are making it so you can't view their programming on ANY channel without one of their cable boxes attached. So, no connecting the cable straight to a TV for just the basic level of service. And no using our home-brew DVR setup. We are using an old PC of mine with a TV tuner card and this neat software called Beyond TV to record all my favorite TV shows. It will all stop working as of 10/9.

Nice that they time this for right when the new season of programming on the major networks is starting. Le SIGH. Now I don't know what we're going to do. I know what our cable company is trying to FORCE us to do. They want us to upgrade our cable boxes to ones with the DVR built in. For a buttload more money each month in rental fees. Yeah. No thanks.

So I guess I am just going to cross my fingers and hope I can catch my shows online. Many of them are not available as streaming. Gah! Fine. The universe wants me to give up my TV habit too. FINE. I will give up TV.

I can live with just watching old reruns on Netflix. Sure. I can do that. I gave up sugar, didn't I?




Donna. W said…
There's always Dish Network and Direct TV.

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