The Great Money Hunt

I am laughing quietly to myself and watching the boys. It's like a fever!

A couple days ago Max was helping his dad clean up/pick up and he found some money. The Daddy said he could keep it. I told him not to tell his brother about it, because 12 dollars is a tidy sum and big brother would be jealous. Did he keep the secret? No. I told Tyler that the next time he helps clean up, he can keep any money he finds too. He had a better idea. Both boys are now in a money-finding competition.

3D Glasses help in money hunting!
They are running from room to room, combing any crack and crevice looking for loose change or bills. I had to holler that the cash on the bookcase by the front door (for the pizza guys), the cash next to the telephone (the emergency fund) and the cash on the kitchen counter (where John empties his pockets and where we fund school lunches) are all off limits. These two are not above petty larceny in their cash quest, so that proclamation was met with groans of disappointment. Sorry boys.

So far, Max's total is up to $15.37. Tyler found $4.28 in change. Max seems to have a talent for finding money that folds and Ty for money that jingles. Tyler isn't too happy about it. He is trying to find enough cash to spend on some virtual game boosters. I can't really pick on him for wasting money on imaginary video game crap. I've done it myself in the past. I am still chuckling. I remember combing the sofa cushions in my youth hoping to scrounge enough change for the ice cream man. A kid has to make a living somehow.


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