Photography Rules: The Chubby Chick (mainly me)

After seeing a few nightmarish holiday photos this season, I have come up with the following guidelines.

Rules for photographing the fat chick (from a fat chick):

1. When framing the photo, only shoot from the mid-bust and up, if at all possible.
2. Try to stand a little above us. Straight on or from below is much less flattering.
3. Have us sit at an angle and turn our heads a bit to the side. Tilt the head up a tad and bring the chin forward. All will minimize double-chins and create a more flattering line.
4. If there are young children available, arrange them in front or have them sit in her lap. The object is to mask and hide the mid-section.
5.  In a group photo, have her stand in the back row. If she is short, have her be the one to hold up a sign, stand behind a sign or at least turn slightly to the side and extend one leg forward.
6. If you know photoshop and have fat women you love or care about, for heaven's sake, airbrush out our double chin! If you can fudge our waistline a tad, remove any tell-tale creases where our clothes might be fitting a bit too snugly, or in any other way shave off a few pounds - then DO IT! Trust me. We won't mind.
7. Don't take a photo of me from the back. I don't need to see my butt. This is just a personal request.
8. I don't like being in a photo alone. If you must have a photo of me...have everyone around squeeze in too!
9. Smile!

There you have it. Nothing too difficult. I could add something about barreling in certain lenses and using a telephoto...but I'll just keep it simple. *grin*


barbara said…
excellent. Very good advice that I think needs to be shared with everyone.
Another chubby chick.
BosieLadie said…
I totally agree! ;)

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