Overheard in the other room...

Some nights you hear something that just makes this whole parenting experience really worth while. I was puttering in the kitchen when I heard Max and Tyler talking in the next room. Max had asked for help with a computer game that turned out to have a lot of text prompts. His reading level is still pretty basic and he was struggling to understand what he needed to do in the game. Tyler very patiently started helping Max sound out the bigger words and identify letter combinations. Tyler even explained what a contraction was (in the case of you're meaning you are.)

I quietly listened to their conversation and was completely impressed with how well Tyler was doing in explaining things to Max. Toward the end of the interaction, Tyler was having Max attempt to read the prompts on his own by sounding them out. Ty would correct his errors and have him repeat back the phrases again to reinforce the words Max learned. I'm so proud of my boys!

This memory will help save my sanity the next time they are fighting like cats and dogs. Ha!


Donna H said…
That is so sweet! Mine are all adults and I don't think I've ever heard THAT conversation! They do get along now though :)

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