Life handed me a sack full of lemons...so we made lemonade! Really, it was the husband with the lemons (at the insistence of my youngest.) He learned fast how hard it is to squeeze lemons by hand.

Mistake #1 was storing the lemons in the fridge overnight. Brr! Not good for the arthritis or sensitive little hands. #2 was misplacing the hand juicer (and the food processor.) Found the little hand juicer when there were 3 lemons left to squeeze. Max didn't want to try the new twist and squeeze method and just watched me like a hawk.  #3 was thinking sugar packets would be a good way to control the amount of empty calories we dumped into our mixture. Watching your 4 year old rip open and dump packet after packet can raise the blood pressure to unsafe levels. Not to mention making the walk through the kitchen feel rather gritty. I promise I fished all the paper scraps out of the jug.

The sugar packets, really, were a mixed blessing. Some of us like our lemonade on the sour side (Max), some like it medium sweet (Tyler), and some just a tad sweeter still (John and I).  So the jug in the fridge is super sour. Ready for ice and more sugar.

Want some lemonade? Nothing like fresh squeezed. Enjoy it now. This little experiment in kitchen science won't happen again any time soon. Heh heh.


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